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Re: Localizing main site?

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Am 18.06.2005 um 16:09 schrieb Thierry Reding:

What would be the simplest tool in this case?

SVN, I think, as it has the advantage over CVS not needing a special port and working over http.

If every women/member wanted to put an own version on different
servers, bazaar might be the right tool.

Again, I don't really see how using Arch would differ from using CVS or SVN
if this were the goal.

I do not know, if here is the right place to discuss the differences between distributed and centralized archives (last ones are used for nearly all the large centralized projects, where many people are working on).

- - DW needs one version of the website only and a consistent one.
- - the first makes it necessary to build the pages from one centralized repository instead of decentralized repositories that may differ from each other. - - It is possible to make local builds and see the results, if one wants, but it is also possible to commit a single path without having a whole repository

Please have a look on the page telling how to work with www.d.o cvs, and see how much simplier it si to get a working copy: The very first steps on http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/website/using_cvs are to be done only once. From what I have read about baz which was not available for debian woody, things are much more complicated. When using CVS first time years ago I just followed about 10 lines of instructions and have had a work version on my machine to build wine myself and trying patches.

Distributed and centralized repositories work different from each other and have a different purposes.

If I am wrong, maybe, all those people using CVS and SVN for good reasons are wrong, too?



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