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Re: Localizing main site?

Hi Christian, Clytie et al.

Clytie Siddall wrote:
If it's available for Mac OSX (BSD base), and not complex to install,
 I'll have a go [...]

There seem to be ways to get that to work [1] but I am not sure on how
easy it is.

Christian Perrier wrote:
Hmmm, handling translating with a tla/baz based system is probably not the best idea to have, actually.

Whether or not one likes it, these things are *complicated stuff*. Very nice revision control systems but bloody hard to setup, which a
 huge learning curve.

I'm not really sure that this is adapted to translations. Translators
are usually people who found the localisation work to be an interesting part of software development to contribute, because it does not require too much technical skills.

I fully agree

So, having an arch-based system as the only way to access and commit translation work is probably not the best idea to have.

I don't know enough about the site and the existing version control
systems to comment on that. If there *is* an easier way it would
certainly be nice to have it at some point. Alternatively: maybe we
could just provide the translators with some kind of script that
does the usual stuff for them (create a directory, update the sources
and, after changing, do the make, commit and upload the stuff.) It would
not be as versatile as the actual system is but the way I see it a
translator usually only works within hir language directory anyway and is not concerned with the actual structure of the website etc.
However, I am sure this idea isn't new but has been tried before, so
maybe the people concerned with i18n could comment on that.

Anyway, to get a solution for the moment I think I could do the
uploading for you, Clytie. I've been planning to get more involved with
Debian after this semester (read: after my exams) so I'll have to get to
terms with baz et all at some point anyway. I already did work with it
in so far as that I can add some news and stuff to w.a.d.o (I should do that more often, I know ....) So, if anybody could give me a quick overview on the technologies in use (I am actually not too much of a web person, basic PHP is as far as I usually go), the website's structure and whatever else I have to know I'd be happy to help.
Clytie: I really appreciate your work and I'd hate to see you
drop out or get frustrated because of some stupid technical barrier. So,
if that is okay with you I'd be happy to be your "uploader" (though I
may not always work in real time ;-) )

Clytie Siddall further wrote:
It's embarrassing to have to admit the mental loss through illness, but it's probably better than me giving up because I can't do it. I can do the translation, and I do want to help.

DON'T BE!!! Reaching the point where you just don't want to or simply can't keep up with technology's undamped growth anymore certainly is neither something to be embarrassed about nor something that is connected to your current condition. We've now reached a point in time and technical progress where you just *can't* be competent about everything anymore and it's only sensible to make your choices as to which fields you would like to invest your time and energy in and which you want to stay out of. Of course you can't just take a totally passive attitude and demand more and more advanced technologies without having to learn how to use them. However I believe that this is a bidirectional thing. Technologies also shouldn't end in themselves. They are tools for people and sometimes their creators tend to forget that.

... well, I got a bit off topic on this but you hit a point there that I feel rather strongly about, (senseless technologies and some tech people's elitism) so I had to rant on a bit about that. ;-)
The said things of course don't really apply to the d-w website or baz/arch.


[1] http://wiki.gnuarch.org/Mac_20OS_20X
Meike Reichle - University of Hildesheim

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