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Re: Localizing main site?

> It doesn't look like baz or tla are part of the Mac OSX base. I tried  
> both via bash.

Hmmm, handling translating with a tla/baz based system is probably not
the best idea to have, actually.

Whether or not one likes it, these things are *complicated
stuff*. Very nice revision control systems but bloody hard to setup,
which a huge learning curve.

I'm not really sure that this is adapted to translations. Translators
are usually people who found the localisation work to be an
interesting part of software development to contribute, because it
does not require too much technical skills.

This is not arrogance towards translators but just facts. Facts I've
learned from more than 3 years of localisation work in Debian,

So, having an arch-based system as the only way to access and commit
translation work is probably not the best idea to have. 

This is for instance one of the reasons which explain that I currently
act as a gateway between translators and the dpkg and apt package
maintainers.... I feel that just telling translators to work on their
own archive is probably just throwing half of them through the

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