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Re: For the translators

Hi Clytie

Okay, I hope I am making sense here: I am not 100% sure we're talking about
the same thing ;) But for what it's worth:
Every user of the d-w wiki has the possibility to add a profile. It should
be put under
http://women.alioth.debian.org/wiki/index.php/Profiles/<userName> (in your
case it would be /Profiles/ClytieSiddal) This is where wiki links with your
username (like in /Main/AllRecentChanges) point.
The "other" profiles, that reside on the actual homepage (where the homepage
menu link points to) are, as mentioned already, maintained by Erinn.


Meike Reichle - University of Hildesheim

mail:	mrei0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de
web:	www.uni-hildesheim.de/~mrei0999

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