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D-W translation pages (was: For the translators)

Thanks for your reply, Felipe :)

    I'm completely sorry, In January 15th I sent a
message about some tips for Debian Women Wiki, but with
the "hurry up" I totally forgot it.

You hurried up so much, you were late! :D

    Since you start the HOW TO Page, I believe that it
is a good idea to discuss the better place to put these
hints (and of course, to discuss it). I wrote this like a
"Tips" page and not like a How To, I will be happy to help
you and add this content in the D-W Wiki. :)

Thankyou, I really appreciate your contributions. :)

    I based this on the [1]"Suggestions" page in the
English area of D-W-Wiki. I didn't complete all the
points, but with the idea of the how to I believe we can
achieve it.

    Here are the points, some of them should be added
to HowTo, and some of them, as we talk in the channel,
should be added to WikiTips (or something like that).

OK, I've had a go at adding some parts to the howto: please check them and edit them if they're not quite right.

1) Try to contact the person listed as primary contact for
your language.

Added. However, I don't know to where I should link this. Do we have a list of contact people? If not, from where should it link, and who are they? I'll create the page, if nobody else stampedes over my quivering remains to do it. ;)

2) The Wiki is password protected to avoid spammers, please,
ask for the password in our maillist or contact people in
#debian-women at irc.debian.org


3) When you start a new translation, try to preserve the
wiki name of the page, it has two main advantages, first,
it allow other translators to make relations between one
language and another, some modification are "language
free". The second point, it allow some scripts to grab
statistics from source pages.

Added. However, could we have an example of a language-free modification? It would help.

4) I was thinking about a kind of hide serial number in
each page, which allow us to know if there is a modification
in the main language and track updated sites.

Not added yet, because this is more discussion than howto: I agree that an indexing system would help a lot...

5) If you preserve the wiki names, you also preserve the
Wiki Links, to get it in your language try to use the
following structure:

In English we have:

And then in Portuguese:
    [[Portuguese/suggestions |Sugestões]].

Added. ;)

6) Try to add some information in your Profile and also in
the "translation in progress" section.

Added, but I seem to have the wrong link for Translation in progress, I just put TranslationInProgress, but it's a new link. An index for the wiki, like a flowchart, would be a huge help...

7) I believe that it is a good idea to keep Debian
Translation (l10n) Teams up-to-date with Debian Women
translation efforts, from time to time, send a message
to the list (and even join the team) are good policy. :)


8) English is the "default" language, try to keep it
up to date. If you are planning to create a new document,
try to do it first in English and then translate it.

I added this, but with less emphasis. I hope it's OK. I don't believe we should be telling people they have to communicate in English, but friendly suggestion is a powerful thing. ;)

9) Try to keep the Menu (SideBar) up to date. Also, the
first page need special attention.


10) The Conferences section should be keeped in English,
we should create a page with "keywords" translation. I'm
suggesting this, because the conferences contains, mainly,
a list of names ans some simple information (easy to
understand?) about time and place. Maybe a "small" php
function to do the tricky.

Discussion: I agree it would be handy, so how are we going to do it?

11) The Blog area also should be only in english, all
languages point to it.

as above.

I don't agree that blogs should have to be in English, or only in English, though. What do other D-Ws think?

12) Hope It Helps and Enjoy You Enjoy It! :-)

Thankyou. I think I've sprained my wiki-finger. :)

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

Ở thành phố Renmark, tại miền sông của Nam Úc

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