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Re: For the translators

* Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> [2005:06:15 13:10 +0930]: 
> On 15/06/2005, at 9:10 AM, Erinn Clark wrote:
> >I don't know anything about translations, but I was
> >thinking it may be appropriate to make a Contact page, link it from  
> >the
> >main website's menu, and then on the page have a contact person for  
> >each
> >section or whatever. In the case of translation, it may be helpful for
> >the translators to create a HOWTO page (wiki or main website) or
> >whatever so people can get started and know who to ask for help when
> >they get stuck.
> >
> >Any volunteers for being a contact person?
> I've started doing a bit of this anyway, so I'd be willing to do it,  
> as long as I don't have to be available at certain times (illness  
> prevents that sort of planning, but I'll always get back to you when  
> I can), and I can learn on the job. ;)

Sure -- it won't be like a job where you have set hours. Do things as
you can and if you want, you can add backup people and so forth. I'll
setup the page in the next day or two, memory permitting. :)

> However, I'd really rather build a translation team, so we can all  
> support each other. I think a wiki page for the team, including a  
> translation howto, would be a good start. I notice there is now a  
> TranslationsInProgress page in the wiki (thankyou, stealth wiki-er):  
> we could start there. Evidently someone has started all this, so I'd  
> be happy just to help out. :)

Yeah, a translation team would be better. I guess the translators can
talk amongst themselves and see what they'd like to have as a contact

> 1. How do D-Ws who currently don't have their Profiles up, add them?  
> I put the link in, but I can't see info on how to add one's profile  
> (so mine is a dead link for now). Also the Profiles page doesn't seem  
> to have anchors for separate profiles: they would be useful as the  
> page grows, and for creating specific links to specific profiles.

I add the profiles. I think there's info about profiles and such on the
involvement page... in any case, I need you to send me your profile (and
actually, anyone here who is contributing to Debian needs to send me
theirs as well).

I'll probably reorganize it in such a way that there will be individual
pages -- as it grows it's more difficult to navigate, but the filesize
increases as well, so it may be better to break it up.

Leaving the rest to translation people... :)

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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