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Re: For the translators

Quick remark:

>>1. How do D-Ws who currently don't have their Profiles up, add them?  
>>I put the link in, but I can't see info on how to add one's profile  
>>(so mine is a dead link for now). Also the Profiles page doesn't seem  
>>to have anchors for separate profiles: they would be useful as the  
>>page grows, and for creating specific links to specific profiles.
> I add the profiles. I think there's info about profiles and such on the
> involvement page... in any case, I need you to send me your profile (and
> actually, anyone here who is contributing to Debian needs to send me
> theirs as well).

I think Clytie is talking about the Profiles in the wiki ...


Meike Reichle - University of Hildesheim

mail:	mrei0999@rz.uni-hildesheim.de
web:	www.uni-hildesheim.de/~mrei0999

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