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Re: DW quotes

 my intention wasnt to offend anyone personally...just told martin my perceptions on DW...thats it...if it had hurt him...i'm really sorry

On 6/15/05, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org > wrote:
also sprach Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org > [2005.06.15.2011 +0200]:
> > It's rather unfair to declare that Martin is mistaken in what he's seeing.
> > You may disagree with his interpretation, but it's rather arrogant of
> > someone to tell another person that their *perceptions* are wrong.
> Well, could be a language problem?

It could well be a language problem, but for the record: I was not
offended by the claim that I had potentially misunderstood. Maybe
I did, so I read the note as a hint that I may not be seeing the
entire picture.

It takes a whole lot more than this to actually offend me. :)
And *that* is exactly what I need to learn: not everyone is able to
ignore personal attacks or simple skip over any interpretations that
could be taken personally and offensive.

Yeah, uh, so this isn't my psychiatric hour. I'll best shut up now.

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