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Re: DW quotes

On Wed, 2005-06-15 at 11:32 +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Christine Spang <spangarang@twcny.rr.com> [2005.06.15.0539 +0200]:
> > world-spanning project, learned a ton of new things, and now have
> > multiple good acquaintances on three continents that would take
> > you off the street and split their last dollar to feed you -- all
> > without being flamed in the process?

Please don't overlook the "and the humourous" above this one - it's not
supposed to be *entirely* serious! Unfortunately, I had never really
tried to get involved with Debian before I tripped upon Debian Women, so
I don't really directly have anything of that sort to compare it to.
However, I do have impressions of the rest of Debian, and shared
opinions from those who -have- done a lot of dealing with other non-DW

> I don't know which project you've been part of, but this has always
> been the case in Debian for me. There are certain individuals known
> to be difficult, but most of them are just as friendly and eager to
> help. So unless you are very thin-skinned, you quickly learn whom to
> avoid.
> The only reason I am writing this is because -- in my impression --
> DW's work causes more and more people to consider that the rest of
> Debian as just a bunch of rough cowboys who don't place any value on
> cooperation or getting along. With the addition of Ubuntu to the
> scene ("humane Linux"), this becomes even worse.

Well, not really in my opinion - we all know that there are some people
that make the atmosphere in the rest of Debian fairly harsh (i.e. "the
black sheep"). Is this a good thing? No, not really. Is it a reason not
to get involved in Debian as a whole? Of course not. Is this a reason
that we shouldn't try to change this? No, either. I think maybe that
recently Debian's image of being "rough" has been enhanced because of
Ubuntu and other things like DW, yes - and it's not necessarily a bad
thing. Nobody can deny that there have been users and other people that
have emerged from places like #debian with a bad taste in their mouth.

If people just accept trolling and personal attacks, as it currently
stands, then nothing changes for the better. What DW and Ubuntu have
proven is that this is not something that *always* has to happen in
community-driven free software.

Look on the bright side - maybe in a few years things will have changed,
for the better.

At any rate, I just wanted to make a few points that seem to have been
misunderstood - if this does end up going down the road of a personal
shouting contest, be assured that I won't be replying again.

> And I really don't think it's the case. Debian has always been and
> continues to be an amazingly cooperative project. Any project of
> this size will come with black sheep, so there is nothing inherently
> bad about the Debian project per se.
> This is just my two cents. Please don't read criticism into this.
> I've tried to formulate it as diplomatic as possible, but I am
> running out of time.

"All that glitters is not gold; not all those that wander are lost."
        J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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