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DW quotes

In an effort to make my Debconf5 paper more complete (no, not to augment
it, it's surely long enough! Promise!) I have decided that I'd like to
ask all present subscribers for some quotes about DW. Depending on how
many I get, I may not be able to include them all, but I'd be interested
to know what you think. Relevant things would include:

- How the project has helped you
- How it's different/better than other groups you've been associated
  with (or maybe even worse, it's not like we don't need to improve...)
- How it's affected your view of Debian as a whole (especially helpful
  coming from newcomers, but also good from old-timers)

Brevity isn't the key, but it's probably not a bad idea either. Quotes
can be sent to me on- or off-list and if you want to remain anonymous,
that's fine too, just let me know. Otherwise I will give you full
credit. If there are typos/grammatical errors, I'd like permission to
correct those as well -- this paper will be published for a lot of

BTW, they need to be sent fairly quickly since the paper is due
sometime on the 15th. Sorry for the late notice.


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