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Re: DW quotes

also sprach Christine Spang <spangarang@twcny.rr.com> [2005.06.15.1702 +0200]:
> Ubuntu and other things like DW, yes - and it's not necessarily
> a bad thing. Nobody can deny that there have been users and other
> people that have emerged from places like #debian with a bad taste
> in their mouth.


> Look on the bright side - maybe in a few years things will have
> changed, for the better.

I am. I *like* Ubuntu and DW; I would simply appreciate if people
remembered accurately what they're here for. This is not to say that
you did not, Christine, nor that anyone else did not. It's really
just a piece of advocacy that wanted to get out of my fingertips to
the keyboard to the mailer to the Net to you. Sometimes this urge is
just hard to resist. :)

> At any rate, I just wanted to make a few points that seem to have
> been misunderstood - if this does end up going down the road of
> a personal shouting contest, be assured that I won't be replying
> again.

Certainly not.

I *do* need to work on my communication skills. They worked okay in
the Debian world so far. With the advent of DW, I'll have a chance
to practice to do it right without assuming infinite tolerance from
the side of the reader. So, Erinn, this is what you could put down
for me... a learning experience.

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