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Re: D-W web site part of the general Debian WWW infrastructure? (was: Re: translation to French)

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005, Erinn Clark wrote:

> * Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005:03:06 09:19 +0100]:
> > The real location should probably be discussed with the
> > mailing list contributors as well as other technical implications. I'm
> > pretty sure you'll find there very valuable input...probably by people
> > you already know by some other means..:-)
> Hmm, I guess we should prepare to battle just in case...

I don't think we will have to battle for it, as you may have guessed I'm
one of the website contributors (mainly translation and consultants page),

> > IMHO, the d-w project has now reached a sufficiently mature activity
> > for being part of the "official" web site. Of course, this is only my
> > personal opinion and further discussion is required, especially with
> > the web site team members.
> I agree that it's sufficiently mature, but I think we may potentially lose
> some control over it if it's on the main website. I'm not very
> knowledgeable about how easy it is to edit stuff and so forth. Can anyone
> comment?

Well, anyone with CVS access to the website would be able to change
things. If someone changes something that is clearly not acceptable, I'm
sure he will loose his/her CVS access, though.

> > Doing so could probably open a new door to give women an opportunity
> > to give their contribution to the project : I bet that some would
> > first work on the d-w part....then slowly begin to contribute to the
> > general web site. IIRC, several women in the project have good web
> > site design skills.
> That seems to be the general path currently, yeah.

Of course anyone who will contribute to the site can ask CVS access and
will normally get it. See http://people.debian.org/~joey/misc/webwml.html.



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