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Re: translation to French

On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, Erinn Clark wrote:

> * Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005:03:05 22:58 +0100]:
> > During this discussion, Pierre Machard asked why d-w web pages are not
> > handled on the Debian 'main" site.
> Well, there isn't really any particular reason; when the project began we
> weren't even sure we could get webspace on a Debian host, so we decided to
> go for alioth where we could contribute without having to go through any
> kind of real bureaucratic hassle. It worked out pretty well, but there's
> still the matter that, if we moved to the main site, we would have to
> re-work the web design (tedious but not a major issue) and also, where
> would it be put? women.d.o? www.d.o/women? I'm not sure, really.

I think that should be discussed on d-www@l.d.o, see further...

> > This should probably be considered some day, indeed, as this would
> > benefit from the great infrastructure around Debian web site
> > maintenance. (and this would probably help the maintenance of
> > translations....and indirectly bring more (wo)manpower to the website
> > translation teams).
> >
> > So, even if this appears a bit too early, don't forget to consider
> > making the d-w web site part of the official Debian web site.
> It's been considered, but it's not clear how to go about doing this. I'm
> also not sure if it would be supported, but if you have advice, by all
> means... :)

You can file a wishlist bug against the pseudo package www.debian.org
(maintainer d-www@l.d.o) asking to include it on the main website.
Probably then there will start a discussion on where to put it and what
has to change to the layout...



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