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Re: translation to French

> Actually, I already knew about deb-l10n-fr and have contacted them about
> translating DW www-pages. I'm looking for feedback from both teams, for
> different reasons.

I just read Thomas mail this morning and, of course (but you would
have guessed), I just told this is a great initiative.

I suggested him to handle this the way we handle the Debian official
web site translations (I'm not a deep specialist of that part but we
have several other peopl who are).

During this discussion, Pierre Machard asked why d-w web pages are not
handled on the Debian 'main" site.

This should probably be considered some day, indeed, as this would
benefit from the great infrastructure around Debian web site
maintenance. (and this would probably help the maintenance of
translations....and indirectly bring more (wo)manpower to the website
translation teams).

So, even if this appears a bit too early, don't forget to consider
making the d-w web site part of the official Debian web site.

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