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Re: D-W web site part of the general Debian WWW infrastructure? (was: Re: translation to French)

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005:03:06 09:19 +0100]: 
> I have no deep technical advice except that I'm pretty sure that the
> d-w site would benefit the general infrastructure in some matter.

Yes, I agree.

> The real location should probably be discussed with the debian-www
> mailing list contributors as well as other technical implications. I'm
> pretty sure you'll find there very valuable input...probably by people
> you already know by some other means..:-)

Hmm, I guess we should prepare to battle just in case...

> IMHO, the d-w project has now reached a sufficiently mature activity
> for being part of the "official" web site. Of course, this is only my
> personal opinion and further discussion is required, especially with
> the web site team members.

I agree that it's sufficiently mature, but I think we may potentially lose
some control over it if it's on the main website. I'm not very
knowledgeable about how easy it is to edit stuff and so forth. Can anyone

> Doing so could probably open a new door to give women an opportunity
> to give their contribution to the project : I bet that some would
> first work on the d-w part....then slowly begin to contribute to the
> general web site. IIRC, several women in the project have good web
> site design skills.

That seems to be the general path currently, yeah.

Does anyone else have an opinion?

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