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translation to French

Hi there!

Because I'm a Frenchie interested in doing some translation work and
because I believe Debian-Women is Good, I hereby announce that it would
be my pleasure to translate (part of?) the website to French.

Unfortunately it's not so easy for me to find both time and energy to do
such a big amount of work these days (hence the "part of" up there) but
I hope in time I can get there. Any help would be very welcome of

Anyway, that's really all I had to say just right now. I would be very
interested in hearing what you have to say about this.

Ah, silly me. Maybe I could briefly introduce myself? So, I'm Thomas
(I'm a man, if you had not guessed ;), a French expatriated in Finland.
I've been "playing" with computers since I was a child and now work as a
programmer. I've also always been interested in languages (and I don't
mean programming languages, though I'm very interested in those too).
That and the fact that I currently live in a non-French-speaking country
are the reasons why I'm interested in translation. As for the
Debian-Women project, I'm interested in it because I believe diversity
is Good. Well, I guess that should sum it up quite well.

Heippa, as we say here

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