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Re: translation to French

* Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> [2005:03:05 22:58 +0100]: 
> During this discussion, Pierre Machard asked why d-w web pages are not
> handled on the Debian 'main" site.

Well, there isn't really any particular reason; when the project began we
weren't even sure we could get webspace on a Debian host, so we decided to
go for alioth where we could contribute without having to go through any
kind of real bureaucratic hassle. It worked out pretty well, but there's
still the matter that, if we moved to the main site, we would have to
re-work the web design (tedious but not a major issue) and also, where
would it be put? women.d.o? www.d.o/women? I'm not sure, really.

> This should probably be considered some day, indeed, as this would
> benefit from the great infrastructure around Debian web site
> maintenance. (and this would probably help the maintenance of
> translations....and indirectly bring more (wo)manpower to the website
> translation teams).
> So, even if this appears a bit too early, don't forget to consider
> making the d-w web site part of the official Debian web site.

It's been considered, but it's not clear how to go about doing this. I'm
also not sure if it would be supported, but if you have advice, by all
means... :)

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