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Re: the debian-women website

Hi, sorry for late reply! :)

Erinn Clark wrote:
:: * Anja <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> [2004:08:24 08:44 +0000]:

:: I used Twiki and MoinMoin and I just found them very
:: unintuitive. Perhaps I am too crotchety to bother with
:: things I don't know, but it was truly annoying how so
:: much of their documentation was *in* a wiki. I felt like
:: I was just clicking link after link and going nowhere.
:: I didn't find them easy to customize either. I want a
:: list of variables, CSS classes/id's, a config file, and
:: my favorite editor. I hate clicking on things.

	It's true. When the d-w choose a wiki, I will write
a "simple and practical" document, very short, trying to be
very clear on how to use our //new tool//. With this, I
expect turn even easier to people help us, and I will also
wrote in Portuguse. :)

:: Yeah, I have other stuff to attend to as well, but maybe
:: we could work on it together.

	Brazilian hands here! ;)

:::: But, it also need that people who is going to translate,
:::: understand how .wml files work and a web maintainer
:::: compiling files and making changes effectives in the
:::: website. Wiki is  instantaneous and very easy.

:: True.

:: I'm not really picky, I'm just not a web designer.
:: Whatever works is fine with me.

	Hmmmm... I already post a message talking about a
proposed queue (flow) for d-w site. :)


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