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the debian-women website

[es abajo]

Hi, would be great to give more participation in the modification of the
website. We have a project in alioth.debian.org  but nothing there. I
would like to work on "internationalization" of the web, to make it
easier later for putting the translation. I have never use nanoblogger
(http://home.columbus.rr.com/n1xt3r/nanoblogger/) but i have reading
their website and i didnt find anything about translation. Perhaps we
can code something to make it possible on debian-women.

Other thing is that perhaps we can use a tool (to make the website) that
is in debian. I didnt find nanoblogger in sarge (is what i use).


Hola, estaria buenisimo mayor participacion en la modificacion del sitio
web. Tenemos un proyecto en alioth.debian.org pero no hay nada nada
dentro del proyecto. Me gustaria trabajar en la internacionalizacion de
la web, para que sea mas sencillo poder traducirla. Nunca use nanblogger
(http://home.columbus.rr.com/n1xt3r/nanoblogger/) pero estuve leyendo la
web y no dice nada sobre traducciones. Tal vez podemos meter algun
codigo para que sea posible.

Otra cuestion es que tal vez podamos usar un blog o algo que este en
debian (no encuentro nanoblogger en sarge)

gaba <gaba@riseup.net>
siamo tutti clandestino

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