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Re: the debian-women website

Hi again :-)

About languages.
First of all, Erinn you are right , it is not good idea write mails in 2 
languages, we only make the mailing-list in a weird mix up. 
I only wanted reply Gaba, and i said ( in Spanish) perhaps it is not
very polite.
About people who is not very skilled in English, we only need a bit of
comprehension for people who had English as primary language,
and i should look for my English grammar book and stop kick
English grammar. (i stopped study English seven years ago and  
i barely had  practiced writting )

About website
I like wikis, i had work with moinmoin and pmwiki, and all worked right.
Erinn,  what problem have you encountered with wikis?
I'm going to try made a little wiki-demonstration, i hope convince you wikis 
are nice :-)
WML is powerful, i installed it and was watching how does work in debian main 
site ( i downloaded it from CVS,  'only' 61 megas!!). 
 Surely it would be a great option but we need a person who work in it... and 
i would like, but i am going to be busy in the next month. So :

if anyone can and want work in it now: 
	it would be nice.
   i would try  work on it in October.

It needs time reading docs i had not now.

But, it also need that people who is going to translate, understand how .wml 
files work and a web maintainer compiling files and making changes effectives 
in the website. Wiki is  instantaneous and very easy.

>>       Should we use the "language" negotiation, in other
>> words, the multi pages system that can be auto selected by
>> server based on the client preferred language?

>This is what www.debian.org does, so it's probably the best solution.

Yes, you can get it with WML, but it is not so bad if you just make the 
default page in English and put in the top links to another languages 
version, as you can see in http://ddtp.debian.org/new/.

PS: Does anybody know a good webpage with the English grammar? :-)

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