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Re: the debian-women website

Erinn Clark wrote:
:: * Anja <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> [2004:08:23 20:52 +0000]:

:: I'm fairly confident that there are a number of people
:: willing to translate on the list. I know of at least
:: Spanish, German, and Portuguese speakers that have offered.

	There is also a Bulgarian! :o)

:::: About nanoblogger, you can just download the code and
:::: install, it is not hard, but it has not been designed
:::: to maintain easily a web in some languages.

:: You can also use it on alioth. It's just a bash script
:: that outputs the front page in a certain format. I wrote
:: an explanation of the layout and nanoblogger and left it
:: in the htdocs directory of the website.

	Sorry, I checked d-w project site but couldn't
find you explanation, could you please point it out for me?

:: I agree it's not ideal, but it works for now.

	Should we use the "language" negotiation, in other
words, the multi pages system that can be auto selected by
server based on the client preferred language?

:::: What about pmwiki (www.pmwiki.org) ?
:: My experiences with wikis have been negative and I dislike
:: them. A lot. If someone was able to show me one that
:: actually looked nice and was not a PITA to setup, I might
:: say it was a good idea, but I've not seen that this is the
:: case.. ever. If you can setup a working sample, I might
:: consider it.

	Hmmm, there are some very powerfull wikis. What are
our limitations on Alioth? What we "cannot" run there? There
is coWiki (PHP5), MoinMoin (python), trac (based on MoinMoin)
and just a few other wikis that looks nice and is not a PITA
to setup.

	But, if instead of migrate the site to a Wiki (I
don't know if this is the idea) we use a Wiki to manage
some of our informations, contacts, TODOs and other
"working on"/"already started" tasks?

:: I think WML is probably the best option. Unfortunately, I
:: don't know _anything_ about WML besides what I just read
:: on that website. Anyone that knows it is welcome to either
:: collaborate with me or others or do their own thing. I'd
:: like to see it before instituting changes, of course, but
:: if it will make translations easier, I think it's a good
:: idea.

	I also vote for WML! :)

:::: [español]
+ Brazilian Portuguese (Português Brasileiro)

:::: Me cuesta escribir en inglés una barbaridad, aunque lo
:::: entiendo y voy leyendo todos los mails, pero la verdad
:::: es que me gustaría poder participar más en la lista.
:::: Esto de escribir el mail en dos idiomas, no se yo si es
:::: muy educado que se diga.

	Sem querer ser chato, isso pode se tornar muito
trabalhoso também. Sem falar que muitas pessoas podem não
entender a parte em outra língua.

:: Esto es una cosa que me preocupa. No hablo mucho español,
:: pero lo entiendo, y quiero que las personas que no pueden
:: hablar ingles a participar en la lista y el proyecto. Si
:: algun dia necesitamos que formar un grupo separado para
:: esto, muy bien, pero ahora puedo solamente dar mis
:: apologías. :( Si conoces otras mujeres que quieren
:: participar pero no hablen ingles, ¿es posible formar otra
:: lista? (no en Debian por ahora, demasiado controversia,
:: pero en otro mailserver..)

	O que você acha de atuarmos com "interpretadores"?
Pessoas que possam traduzir as mensagens para um local
público ou para uma outra lista? Isso é uma decisão
complicada já que a lista pode crescer a quantidade de
mensagens ficar maior do que os voluntários podem traduzir,
mas é uma idéia.


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