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Re: the debian-women website

* Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <felipe@cathedrallabs.org> [2004:08:24 01:32 -0300]: 
> :: You can also use it on alioth. It's just a bash script
> :: that outputs the front page in a certain format. I wrote
> :: an explanation of the layout and nanoblogger and left it
> :: in the htdocs directory of the website.
> 	Sorry, I checked d-w project site but couldn't
> find you explanation, could you please point it out for me?
> :o)

Yeah, I should probably put it somewhere on the website. I wasn't feeling
well for a little while, the alioth was down, etc. but I'll add it
somewhere. Probably linked from the Involvement page.

> 	Should we use the "language" negotiation, in other
> words, the multi pages system that can be auto selected by
> server based on the client preferred language?

This is what www.debian.org does, so it's probably the best solution.

> 	Hmmm, there are some very powerfull wikis. What are
> our limitations on Alioth? What we "cannot" run there? There
> is coWiki (PHP5), MoinMoin (python), trac (based on MoinMoin)
> and just a few other wikis that looks nice and is not a PITA
> to setup.

I've setup two in the past and I found them cumbersome and confusing. 

As far as our limitations, I'm not really sure; we can use PHP and things
like that, but I don't know about databases for the website and things of
that nature. It might be mentioned somewhere so I'll have a look around,
but I don't think anything we'll be doing is going to need an e-commerce
solution. ;-)

> 	But, if instead of migrate the site to a Wiki (I
> don't know if this is the idea) we use a Wiki to manage
> some of our informations, contacts, TODOs and other
> "working on"/"already started" tasks?

This is definitely a benefit of using a wiki. As of now, it's all manual
editing of XHTML and CSS occasionally, and it would be nice to cut down on
that, as well as less confusing for new people. Maybe. Wiki syntax is kind
of yucky.

> 	I also vote for WML! :)

WML people, where are you?

> 	O que você acha de atuarmos com "interpretadores"?
> Pessoas que possam traduzir as mensagens para um local
> público ou para uma outra lista? Isso é uma decisão
> complicada já que a lista pode crescer a quantidade de
> mensagens ficar maior do que os voluntários podem traduzir,
> mas é uma idéia.

(summary and reply in english - my, how we've come full circle!)

Summary of above:
For people that don't speak English, perhaps there could be people to
translate the messages for their $LANG, but it could become complicated if
the quantity becomes too high.

There have been a few discussions on this list which put the cart before
the horse. I think this is one of them, however.. there is also the matter
of setting up proper infrastructure early on so that it will expand well in
the future. At the moment, I don't think there are many discussions here
which are worth translating. If at some point in the future this becomes
necessary, I think a summary of the weeks messages (a la LKML) would be
useful. If groups in other countries start off-shoots and are doing cool
things, it would also be nice to have those discussions translated to
English in the same manner. But yeah, we need to actually accomplish
something first.. :)

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