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Re: the debian-women website

Sorry for late reply! :)

Erinn Clark wrote:
:: Yeah, I should probably put it somewhere on the website. I
:: wasn't feeling well for a little while, the alioth was down,
:: etc. but I'll add it somewhere. Probably linked from the
:: Involvement page.

	Ok, no problem! :)

:: This is what www.debian.org does, so it's probably the best
:: solution.

:: Reply:
:: There have been a few discussions on this list which put the
:: cart before the horse. I think this is one of them, however..
:: there is also the matter of setting up proper infrastructure
:: early on so that it will expand well in the future. At the
:: moment, I don't think there are many discussions here which
:: are worth translating. If at some point in the future this
:: becomes necessary, I think a summary of the weeks messages
:: (a la LKML) would be useful. If groups in other countries
:: start off-shoots and are doing cool things, it would also be
:: nice to have those discussions translated to English in the
:: same manner. But yeah, we need to actually accomplish
:: something first.. :)

	Erinn and d-w list, should we make a "quick and simple"
poll on the list and try to discover natural languages, people
that are familiar with english and people who aren't, it can
be "anonymous" to avoid constrange. Perhaps, it lead us for
the best solution/way.

	Kind regards,

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// felipe@cathedrallabs.org
// CathedralLabs
// http://www.cathedrallabs.org/

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