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Re: the debian-women website

* Anja <anja_isbilia@yahoo.es> [2004:08:24 08:44 +0000]: 
> About languages.
> First of all, Erinn you are right , it is not good idea write mails in 2 
> languages, we only make the mailing-list in a weird mix up. 
> I only wanted reply Gaba, and i said ( in Spanish) perhaps it is not
> very polite.

I don't think it's rude. You translated everything you said; I completely
understand wanting to express yourself in your native language. This is why
I wondered if it would be possible for you to make another list where you
didn't have to translate every paragraph you said (and then maybe pass on a
summary occasionally).

> I like wikis, i had work with moinmoin and pmwiki, and all worked right.
> Erinn,  what problem have you encountered with wikis?

I used Twiki and MoinMoin and I just found them very unintuitive. Perhaps I
am too crotchety to bother with things I don't know, but it was truly
annoying how so much of their documentation was *in* a wiki. I felt like I
was just clicking link after link and going nowhere. I didn't find them
easy to customize either. I want a list of variables, CSS classes/id's, a
config file, and my favorite editor. I hate clicking on things.

> I'm going to try made a little wiki-demonstration, i hope convince you wikis 
> are nice :-)

Good luck. :) Take what you need from the d-w CSS file
(women.alioth.debian.org/dw.css) as well as the XHTML stuff.

> WML is powerful, i installed it and was watching how does work in debian main 
> site ( i downloaded it from CVS,  'only' 61 megas!!). 
>  Surely it would be a great option but we need a person who work in it... and 
> i would like, but i am going to be busy in the next month. So :

Yeah, I have other stuff to attend to as well, but maybe we could work on
it together.

> But, it also need that people who is going to translate, understand how .wml 
> files work and a web maintainer compiling files and making changes effectives 
> in the website. Wiki is  instantaneous and very easy.


I'm not really picky, I'm just not a web designer. Whatever works is fine
with me.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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