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Re: Reducing the discussion and the voting period to 1 week

Lucas Nussbaum writes ("Re: Reducing the discussion and the voting period to 1 week"):
> I think that the current set of options would be a sensible ballot, and
> I'm not aware of any discussions to add another option, so I'm inclined
> to shorten the discussion period.
> I reached out to Ian in private (in an attempt to limit the noise on
> this list), but Ian suggested that we have this discussion in public.


> However, Ian said that he has no objection to shortening the discussion
> period.

I have no objection for my own part.

But, as I said in my private email, I am very concerned that we don't
get any accusations of foul play.  Therefore I think it essential
that, at the very least, all of the proponents of alternative versions

It might be worth posting to debian-devel-announce asking if anyone
objects and thinks we need more discussion time, and inviting them to
say so on -vote if they do.  We have already had some problems with
people not being aware enough of the formal processes.

> On the other hand, Ian said that he doesn't think that it would be right
> to shorten the voting period. Given that I have been heavily involved in
> the discussions around this GR proposal, I am not going to reduce the
> voting period against the original proposer's will.

Thank you.


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