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Re: Reducing the discussion and the voting period to 1 week


On 17/10/14 at 10:01 +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> But designing and tuning alternative proposals might take time, so I
> would prefer to wait a few days before reducing the discussion period,
> to ensure that we vote with a sensible ballot. I will decide in the
> middle of next week about that.

I think that the current set of options would be a sensible ballot, and
I'm not aware of any discussions to add another option, so I'm inclined
to shorten the discussion period.

I reached out to Ian in private (in an attempt to limit the noise on
this list), but Ian suggested that we have this discussion in public.

However, Ian said that he has no objection to shortening the discussion

Charles, Luca, can you confirm that you are also fine with shortening
the discussion period to one week?

On the other hand, Ian said that he doesn't think that it would be right
to shorten the voting period. Given that I have been heavily involved in
the discussions around this GR proposal, I am not going to reduce the
voting period against the original proposer's will.


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