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Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems

Stefano Zacchiroli writes ("Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems"):
> Specifically: have you, or anyone else involved in this GR, asked the
> GNOME team and the release team, whether a positive outcome of this GR
> is going to disrupt their work (plans) or not?

No, I have not.

I am not aware of any underlying bugs in (say) gnome-without-systemd
that would be RC.  But the sentiment behind this GR is that any such
bugs should be considered indeed RC for the whole project.

> I've sympathy for the motives behind this GR, but discovering that those
> teams might have their Jessie plans disrupted---on a very short
> notice---by this GR will make me think twice or thrice before helping in
> making it happen.

I think that if necessary we might have to delay the release.  That
would be a matter for the release team.  I would be very unhappy if we
ditched the ability of people to choose a different init system simply
to maintain our release schedule.

It is very regrettable that this identical resolution didn't get
enough seconds in March.  At least I can say `I foresaw the neeed for


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