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Re: to Moray: encourage teams to take interns

On 2013-03-11 23:26, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
Note that I did not comment (or "ignored", as you put it) on some points
in your reply only because I agreed with them.

(Thank you for clarifying; I didn't detect agreement from your reply.)

Still, given that GSoC exists, I find it useful to explore whether we
can use it for more (types of) projects than we do now. The fact that
we explore such opportunities doesn't prevent us from discussing or
creating our own internship program.


Btw, in your opinion, should this internship program include a stipend,
like GSoC?

When I wrote my platform I was not thinking of a full-time summer[1] program or of something targetted at students. So I was envisaging part-time "internships" without stipend, probably just arranged ad-hoc by teams. I think we would have volunteer interns for these even without payment, from people new to Debian and from existing project contributors.

If there was general support then we could look at organising a funded program, but I would need a lot of persuasion before wanting to get into the question of Debian picking specific individuals to pay for their work while everyone else is unpaid volunteers.[2]

For reference, there are other similar programs. See e.g.
https://live.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen which is focused on women
(with 10 participating organizations).

Yes, thanks for mentioning that as another example. In fact the Gnome Women's Outreach Program, along with other examples I mentioned earlier in the thread from within Debian, is part of the background to my own interest in this area, since I know well Hanna Wallach who helped get the first edition going in 2006.


[1] GSoC is only northern-hemisphere summer; in a Debian program, we might want to support more locales.

[2] Some of you will remember Dunc-Tank.

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