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to Moray: encourage teams to take interns

Hi Moray,

In your platform, you give that specific idea:
   Besides the great work of debian-mentors/mentors.debian.net, it might
   be good to provide more ways to learn about how to contribute to
   Debian. One possibility would be to encourage teams to take interns,
   perhaps for a summer period like GSoC, and give them tasks that they
   can learn from. While it's usual for interns to create more work for
   existing team members rather than reduce it, this could help recruit
   new long-term contributors for Debian even where people don't
   continue afterwards in the specific teams – finding a first way to
   contribute and enter the community is often a difficult step.

I am not sure how it would differ from GSoC? What different problem will
this solve?

Also, we often have problems finding ideas for GSoC. Do you think that
we can find enough ideas+mentors for another program?


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