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will the irc channel be logged and accesible to non irc users ? [was : Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel]

Hello, ...

I am not myself an irc user, so i may be not aware of all 'features' of irc
but in the case this resolution pass, does it mean that all developper must
be on irc all the time to take part of the discution there ? What happens
when someone goes to sleep, or when someone is not an irc user ? will he as
thus be excluded from part of the discution happening on irc or while he is
not connected ? 

Will the discution there be logged and stored in the same place the
debian-private list is logged ? Or maybe someone there will be filtering out
the noise and make a resume of all important discution held there ?

Is this an important topic to be discussed and clarified before we go to
voting on this ?


Sven Luther

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