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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

Le Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 01:24:59AM +0000, Andrew Suffield écrivait:
> Tell me when you last saw over a hundred developers active on the
> channel in question at once. It's usually more like a dozen or so,
> with a whole pile of lurkers.

That doesn't change anything. (When you meet in restaurant, you also
don't speak at the same time but one after the other, or you build
little groups... that doesn't make such a meeting less exceptionnal
(and it's called Debian Conference ;-)))

(i don't like those comparisons because the real life and the irc
behaviors are totally different of course...)

> I assert that you are a gerbil.
> By your logic it is now your responsibility to demonstrate that you
> are not.

Gerbils don't write on public mailing lists. :)

Anyway what I meant is that i don't need to prove that #debian-devel
is debian related and that it can be made official. If you can prove the
contrary well, let's prove it and I'll see if someone convinced me of

So, I'll just stop here trying to prove that #debian-devel should be
kind of official debian channel. I made my point I think. People will
decide by voting ...

> no way official. 100 developers is not a particularly large portion
> out of 900-odd, and there are quite a few people in the channel who
> are not developers.

I believe that it is large enough and that we have enough people in that
channel who are in charge of many *important* responsibilities in Debian
(listmaster, ftpmaster, debian-admin, release manager, webmaster, dpkg
maintainers, X maintainer, many other maintainers, ...).

> Or else they are happy in the knowledge that this proposal is
> irrelevant and do not waste their time in responding to it.

They could at least explain that if they believe that it's the case. Or
else they are voluntarily letting other people wasting their time. Which
isn't really nice ...

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