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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

Le Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 03:10:32PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava écrivait:
>  Raphael> You don't think that it's official. I think it SHOULD BE
>  Raphael> because this channel has legitimacy for being such a
>  Raphael> channel.
> 	Umm. We do not own the channel, or control it. All developers
>  can not participate on it. It should not be used for work where input
>  from the developer body is desired. 
> 	Exactly what confers more legitimacy to it that the Debian
>  mailing list run at a LUG?

You're getting ridiculous... check the FACTS, check what is the subject
of the channel, check who is there and what they are doing.

Tell me where else on the world you have such a concentration of people
(more than a hundred at any time of the day) working for Debian,
discussing debian's development apart from the debian mailing lists ?

You know the answers, as well as I do. But because of your own politic
opinion of what Debian should be, you try to discredit my opinion.

My position is as legitimate as yours. Why should I have to justify that
the channel is related to Debian ? Why wouldn't it be up to you to
justify that it's unrelated to Debian ? Why should we have to answer
this question now ? you may use your opinion on this point, to help
you decide how you will vote...

Now, since neither Branden, nor Wichert felt the reason to answer
in this thread (and since people think that they are those who are able to
make a decision on this point (being channel operator and channel founder)),
I think that they silently acknowledge the way I followed to
resolve this issue.

> 	*Probably*? Should this not have been clarified before we went
>  into a GR?

Do you know that I can't know the future ? I certainly can't predict
what objections people may find ...

> 	Except you have not established whether this is a valid
>  process, whether it shall work, whether we have jurisdiction, and
>  whether we actually need more bureaucratic rules. 

Actually, I really wonder who is the more bureaucratic of us. I'd just
like to settle on this issue. You want people to get over a complete
philosophical study when common sense should apply ...

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