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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 12:28:12AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Tell me where else on the world you have such a concentration of people
> (more than a hundred at any time of the day) working for Debian,
> discussing debian's development apart from the debian mailing lists ?

Tell me when you last saw over a hundred developers active on the
channel in question at once. It's usually more like a dozen or so,
with a whole pile of lurkers.

> My position is as legitimate as yours. Why should I have to justify that
> the channel is related to Debian ? Why wouldn't it be up to you to
> justify that it's unrelated to Debian ? Why should we have to answer
> this question now ? you may use your opinion on this point, to help
> you decide how you will vote...


I assert that you are a gerbil.

By your logic it is now your responsibility to demonstrate that you
are not.

Anyway, nobody said it was unrelated to debian, merely that it is in
no way official. 100 developers is not a particularly large portion
out of 900-odd, and there are quite a few people in the channel who
are not developers.

> Now, since neither Branden, nor Wichert felt the reason to answer
> in this thread (and since people think that they are those who are able to
> make a decision on this point (being channel operator and channel founder)),
> I think that they silently acknowledge the way I followed to
> resolve this issue.

Or else they are happy in the knowledge that this proposal is
irrelevant and do not waste their time in responding to it.

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