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Re: Replying

* 2020-12-06 16:39:29Z, Brad Rogers wrote:

> I'm struggling to think of any use other than 'use the address in the
> Reply-To header to ensure you send your message to the correct place'.

That's easy. Reply-To may not have the address which some other person
thinks is the correct place for his or her needs.

Here's an example:

That message was sent to different mailing lists and it has:

    Reply-To: debian-boot@lists.debian.org

Some people may want to send their reply to that address (debian-boot).
Some may prefer debian-accessibility list because they are going to talk
about accessibility matters. Some people may want to reply privately to
the sender (From) because they have points to make privately.

The original author suggests that the discussion continues on
debian-boot but it's just that, a suggestion. Other people decide what
is right for them.

> [...] but nobody should ignore the Reply-To and send *only* to the
> From address.

In distributed system like email we can only control what we send
ourselves. Other people do their own decisions. There are valid reasons
to ignore Reply-To and reply only to sender's From address.

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