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Replying. [was Re: AMD GPU Sea Islands Problem]

On Sat, 5 Dec 2020 14:11:02 +0000
Guyenne Tsui <guyenne@gmail.com> wrote:

> Also, I have no idea how to reply to a thread on a mailing list so it 
> would be practical if you teach me how. I use Gmail. I even installed 
> Thunderbird as according to Debian Wiki on Mailing Lists but still no 
> idea how to reply to people.

Exactly how you reply to a thread depends on your mail reader. In
general, just reply to an appropriate email in a thread. Control-R is a
common shortcut for the purpose. Your mail reader should pick up the
information necessary so the rest of us will see your reply as part of
the thread.

Two thoughts on netiquette...

Trim the text to which you are replying. Get rid of text not
immediately relevant to your reply. Gmail hides that for you, so you
don't see it. Other mail readers don't hide it. I did so above.

You put two separate subjects (your GPU problem and replying) into the
same email. This means that replies to the two separate subjects will be
interlaced, to everyone's confusion. A partial remedy is for a
responder to change the subject line as appropriate, but even that has
problems. A better approach is to start with a separate email for each

Does anybody read signatures any more?


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