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Re: Replying. [was Re: AMD GPU Sea Islands Problem]

On Sb, 05 dec 20, 12:20:02, Kenneth Parker wrote:
> I am also on Gmail.  When I click (or tap) on Reply, it invariably wants me
> to send the Reply to the individual who sent the email, as opposed to the
> Debian Users List.  So one additional task for me is to edit the "To"
> field, so that it specifically goes to the List.
> Is this, generally an Issue, or is it specific to Gmail?

In general 'Reply' defaults to Sender, with a few exceptions:

 1. A smart mailer that detects the message is from a mailing list, most 
 likely configurable (e.g. Claws Mail already mentioned, probably 
 Sylpheed as well)

 2. A Reply-To is set, either by the list[1] or by the Sender

(maybe others I forgot or am not aware of)

For mailing lists one should follow the rules and conventions of the 
corresponding list, e.g. on Debian lists replies should go to the list 
only, unless explicitly requested otherwise.

If your mail client doesn't properly support mailing lists one can 
either 'Reply' and replace the Sender's address with the list address or 
use 'Reply-to-All' and delete all unnecessary addresses.

[1] also known as reply-to munging


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