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Re: Replying

* 2020-12-06 11:23:06Z, Brad Rogers wrote:

> I set a Reply-To for mailing list mails because I *DO NOT WANT* a
> private reply. Your treatment of that is completely broken. Credit the
> sender with some intelligence, and do as they request.

It's not broken; it's perfectly valid and allowed. Reply-To field is
message author's suggestion (not a request) where replies be sent. (See
RFC 5322 or older 2822.)

With Reply-To you certainly can suggest that people send replies to a
mailing list or any other place. Other people can treat such suggestions
any way they want. None of these are "broken"; they are valid behaviour
(as in RFC).

I think that I made service to you by telling how Notmuch's "reply to
sender" (notmuch reply --reply-to=sender) interprets Reply-To in
replies. Maybe some other mail user agents have similar interpretation.
That is perfectly valid interpretation and behaviour. This could help
you understand why you sometimes get private replies.

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