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Re: Replying

> My mistake;  I didn't mean broken in the non-RFC compliant sense, but
> broken in the sense of "Not what I want to take place".  I set a

The problem is that you intend your "Reply-To:" to mean one thing, but
other people use "Reply-To:" to mean something else (many use it
without knowing what they want it to mean, really :-( ), so the MUA that
needs to compose the reply won't be able to do what was intended without

I think a more useful setting would be one that says "don't include me
in replies to list foo because I'm subscribed to the list and will get
the reply anyway".  Or more generally some set of "email address
inclusions", like "brad@fineby.me.uk ⊂ debian-user@lists.debian.org".
I think/hope this would not be as prone to misinterpretation.


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