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Re: how to enable trim for an external encrypted SSD?

Am 11.11.17 15:27, schrieb Christian Seiler:

If it's the kernel driver there's a chance that'll be fixed in a future
kernel version.

Hmm... Arch Linux (that I tried) comes with a recent kernel and this still
not work.

Unfortunately I can't say much more about that, I've never had an
external SSD.

I had the same situation with my Sandisc Exreme thumb drive before! Here
heparin reports TRIM too, and fstrim failed too. At that time I thought
that the problem is the thumb drive controller. A thumb drive is no SSD. As
a result of the missing TRIM, the drive shows IO errors after just 1 year
of usage.

That could become an expensive hobby. :-/

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