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Re: how to enable trim for an external encrypted SSD?

> I had the same situation with my Sandisc Exreme thumb drive before! Here
> heparin reports TRIM too, and fstrim failed too. At that time I thought
> that the problem is the thumb drive controller.

hdparm's report mostly comes directly from the drive within the
enclosure.  So all it says is that the drive within the enclosure
understands TRIM, but in many cases, the USB<->SATA adapter used in the
enclosure to talk to the disk only understands a subset of the SATA

You might ask the USB driver people if Linux's usb_storage
driver supports TRIM, if not, then there's a chance that the USB<->SATA
adapter still supports it, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

> As a result of the missing TRIM, the drive shows IO errors after just
> 1 year of usage.

I highly doubt that TRIM would help.  IOW, it's just a gut feeling you
have, but I strongly doubt you have concrete data that can show it might
be related to the presence/absence of TRIM-support.


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