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Re: Unable to install custom package using defined dependency version

On May 26, 2017 7:09 PM, "David Wright"

No, you will type:

$ apt-get install my-app-1.0.5 and it will install app-configs-1.0.5,

$ apt-get install my-app-1.0.6 and it will install app-configs-1.0.6.

Yes, you reported that. That's because you've made it depend on
"package app-configs version 1.0-5~aaa" and not "package app-configs-1.0.5".

> I want to make sure a speciflc my-app version installs only a specific
> app-configs version.

I don't know how to write it any clearer, so perhaps I should just
tell you to examine how your system deals with, eg,

cpp-4.8 and gcc-4.8,
python2.7-minimal and python2.7,
python3-minimal and python3,

Examine your /var/lib/dpkg/status file's "Package:" and "Depends:" lines.


 Ahh, I didn't realize you suggested to make the package name include the version (eg my-app-1.0.5).

That's an interesting approach I didn't think about.

Related, but how do other places do "nightly" build of their packages. Do they also include the version as part of the package name itself.

Thanks for all the advice. This has made me rethink a few things.


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