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Re: Unable to install custom package using defined dependency version

Op 25-05-17 om 23:36 schreef Sijis Aviles:
It seems that my qualifier of '=' isn't working as I expect. What am I doing

You appear to assume you can tell apt to ignore a newer version of one package by specifying a previous version of that package as a dependency of another package. You can't.

apt will always go for the most recent version mentioned in the package list*), unless you explicitely tell it not to in the apt-get install command for that package. In this case apt wants to get app-configs 1.0-6~bbbb, notices my-app needs 1.0-5~aaa and tells you it can't install my-app because of that.

I'm not sure what you're aiming for with those two versions of app-configs. You can only have one of them installed at a time anyway. If the machine you want to install my-app on doesn't need 1.0.6~bbbb, you could try

apt-get install my-app app-configs=1.0-5~aaa

You may have to 'hold' app-configs after that, because apt-get upgrade will 'see' the newer version and may want to remove my-app again (I'm not absolutely sure about this, as I'm tracking Testing so I always use dist-upgrade - which definitely will remove my-app).


*) I'm ignoring 'priority pinning' here, as we're talking about a single repository

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