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Re: Unable to install custom package using defined dependency version

On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 9:16 AM, Frank <zuiderduin@gmx.com> wrote:

If I understand what you say, only 1 version of app-configs should
be available in the debian repo in order for this to work.

Simply put: in any particular repository the most recent version of the dependency should be compatible with the most recent version of the main package.

In our case, the latest versions of each would be compatible.

I guess we are trying to basically pair my-app 1.0.5 with a app-configs 1.0.5 version and my-app 1.0.6 with a 1.0.6 app-config version, and so on. (The version will probably differ a bit and won't match exactly but you probably get the point).

In my ideal workflow, i would do the following (assume 1.0.6 is hte latest version)

$ apt-get install my-app
This installs my-app 1.0.6 and app-configs 1.0.6

$apt-get install my-app=1.0.5
This install my-app 1.0.5 and app-configs 1.0.5

I was trying to use the control file in an attempt to pair those packages together, which doesn't appear its possible.


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