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Unable to install custom package using defined dependency version

I have a custom package named 'app-configs' with the following versions uploaded to Artifactory: 1.0.5~aaa and 1.0.6~bbb.

In another custom package, named 'my-app', I have the following in the control file 

Depends: app-configs (= 1.0.5~aaa)

When I do 'apt-get install my-app', I'm seeing the following message:

"my-app : Depends: app-configs (= 1.0-5~aaa) but 1.0-6~bbbb is to be installed."

I just want to pin 'my-app' to use a specific version of 'app-configs'.

It seems that my qualifier of '=' isn't working as I expect. What am I doing wrong?



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