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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

Thanatos Incarnate wrote:

> My 2 cents: If you're used to Debian Stable level stability, then
> Testing might get on your nerves with its tiny little paper cuts
> (Firefox crashing, Thunderbird not knowing what to do with your Icedove
> profile, KDE having GUI elements that follow your set theme, but then
> also others that don't, KDE PIM being crashy as ever,...). Of course,
> the less complicated your system, the fewer bugs you'll have. So, while
> Openbox, a panel and a terminal won't drive your crazy even on Sid, KDE
> or Gnome might.

To all that like the old stable style of DE I recommend TDE

God bless Mr. Pearson!

PIM works like a charm. I also added plugins for bluetooth sync in
syncevolution and been using this in the past year with relieve after being
unable to sync for more than 10y.


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