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Re: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'

On Sat, 6 May 2017 20:41:28 +0200
Pascal Hambourg <pascal@plouf.fr.eu.org> wrote:

> Le 06/05/2017 à 20:06, Joe a écrit :
> >
> > Thanks, I'll have a go at that later. I'm currently bogged down in a
> > completely unrelated grub issue on a different (wheezy) machine: I
> > have an ext4 filesystem which passes fsck fine, to which I can
> > write, but which grub2 cannot see.
> >
> > The same grub rescue> prompt, ls can see the partitions, but grub2
> > cannot read the root one, says 'unknown filesystem'. An attempt to
> > reload after a chroot assures me that grub-probe cannot read it,
> > either. The grub-probe installed in the current Knoppix sees it as
> > 'ext2', which may be as much as I can hope for, but wheezy's
> > grub-probe cannot see it at all, presumably ext4 is too recent for
> > it.  
> Ext4 was already the default filesystem type in Wheezy, and I have 
> happily used Wheezy and GRUB (1.99) on ext4 without any issue.
> GRUB just report any ext2/3/4 filesystem as ext2.

Yes, I realise that wheezy knows ext4, which is why it didn't occur to
me not to use it, but grub did say 'unknown filesystem', and it did work
when I switched to an ext3 root partition. The Net seems to indicate a
troubled relationship between grub-probe and ext4.

Well, it didn't work actually, it gave me a new and interesting error:
'bad filename' when I tried ls. But it accepted 'insmod normal', and
then the 'normal' command gave me a kernel menu.

All is somewhat well now, except that this machine was to be a testbed
for a wheezy->jessie upgrade. The upgrade went reasonably well, but
several important daemons (most notably samba and exim4) need new
configuration files and options, so it's pretty much a migration rather
than an upgrade anyway. Apache2 was easier than expected, initially it
would not run at all, but all it needed was a '+' sign in a crucial
place. Fussy. But it's 9PM now and I've had enough for today... many
thanks for your help and encouragement.


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