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Re: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0'

Le 05/05/2017 à 23:39, Joe a écrit :

lo and behold, I'm dropped to a grub rescue> prompt after the message
in the subject line...

I can list the (hd0,1)/boot/ directory, but insmod normal gives the
illegal access message again.

The Net mostly reckons this is due to using too large a drive on an old
BIOS, but since this very drive has booted on this very computer many
dozens of times, without change in the partition structure, that is not
the case here.

It can still be the case, but you may have been lucky until now if GRUB files were written into the area accessible through the BIOS. Then there was an upgrade which wrote the files outside this area.

You can check the sizes of the disk and the partition as viewed by GRUB with the following commands :

ls (hd0)
ls (hd0,1)

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