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Re: Stretch stable and jessie testing - repositories listed

Lisi Reisz:
> Right, so if you wish to remain on Stretch, which I think you do, replace the 
> word testing with the name stretch in all 4 of those lines.  Then update - 
> however you do that in Synaptic.  

Ok thank you, I think it worked.  I reloaded and no packages needed any
updating.  A quick list of the installed packages shows all the same
edition between installed and available.  I think synaptic is really
nice once you get the hang of it.

> And I should do it relatively soon, or at the moment Stretch becomes Stable 
> you will find yourself effectively on Sid!!!

That is precisely what I was afraid of and I asked to make sure I got it
right.  So if in the future I want to adventure to the next release
instead of testing I just replace stretch with buster.

> Then you can change to bullseye when it suits you.  I personally never use the 
> names stable, testing, unstable.  I prefer codenames.  I want more control!!

In most cases documents simplify that stretch is testing, so I thought
there was no difference, then something I read recently made me think
once stretch becomes stable I would be bumped up a notch. Elsewhere I
read that once you are up the ladder the only way to backtrack is to

> Se parakalw.  I hope this is now OK.
> Lisi
>> Katrin

Thank you all

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