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Re: Stretch stable and jessie testing - repositories listed (new pkgs under freeze)

Lisi Reisz:
>> In most cases documents simplify that stretch is testing,

Ok, got it, I think your post helps the archive.

I don't think I should open a new post/thread for one more
clarification.  If I understand the freeze process well (I think I
don't) why would updated packages appear today on the list?  Some about
linux-headers/image and all (important stuff for all stretch-ers). When
I replaced testing with stretch yesterday it found no needed updates.
Or are these final small modifications before the release that happen
while the freeze process is in effect?  Does the freeze strictly mean no
package transferring from sid to testing but specific tuning can be done
within the edition?  Meaning this update did not come from sid?

I did not upgrade this time, just left it where it is as "if it ain't
broke don't fix it" wondering why this is.  I think the uneasiness comes
from the feeling of not being able to revert things once they have been

> Ouch!!!!! No they don't.  Any documents that you have found that say exactly 
> that should be expunged from your mind, and they are certainly not 
> simplifying anything.  They are horribly confusing the issue.  Try to stick 
> to Debian documents (which any document saying exactly that certainly was 
> not).  As of 10/02/17 (British format - i.e. 10th February 2017) stretch is 
> testing.  But not for much longer.
> Squeeze has been Testing, Stable, Old Stable, LTS and has now fallen off the 
> cliff.  (I.e. is archive only and unsupported.) 
> Wheezy has been Testing - Stable - now Old Stable - then it will be LTS - then 
> off the cliff.
> Jessie has been Testing, is Stable, will soon be Old Stable.
> Stretch is Testing, will soon be Stable.
> What is now Sid will soon be Buster, but there will still be Sid, so that, 
> very briefly, Sid and Buster will be the same as each other.
> You need to reread this.  Or read it if you haven't yet done so.
> [🔎] 20170209172439.GA9225@alum">https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/[🔎] 20170209172439.GA9225@alum
> HTH, finally,
> Lisi

Breath deeply, exhale :)
I was referring to things I have occasionally seen on forums and debian
based distros which confuse the issue.  It is clear now, thanks to you.
I found a graph yesterday (I think it was in a link of the post you
suggest) showing the list of names in one column and old-stable, stable,
testing, unstable on the next explaining that when a release comes out
everything on the first column drops down a notch.
I think that sid being always unstable is what confuses the most of us
newbies.  It is a vicious thing that sid.

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