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Stretch stable and jessie testing - repositories listed

It may seem silly to most of you but not very clear.  If in the synaptic
repository list one has used testing in Jessie by now the system has
converted fully (99.99%) to Debian 9 Stretch.  Right?

When the official release comes and Stretch becomes stable, will the
system upgrade automatically to what now is unstable?  If one wishes to
remain in Stretch stable what is the adjustment that needs to be made
before hand?

Switch anywhere that says Jessie to Stretch and anywhere it says testing
to main/stable ?  Will there be a difference between jessie/testing and
stretch/main ?  Please be specific what one needs to write to synaptic
repository list (I suppose that alters the apt.config file) if one
wishes to remain to stretch stable.  And what happens if you are in
stretch and list testing, does it really go to sid?  That simple?  If
you are listing jessie and testing it stays in stretch?


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